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May 6, 2008

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alphieTongueAndPaper.jpgYesterday morning I did one of the more interesting medical tests that I have encountered in my new life. It was one in which I blew into a blue bag and captured my breath in six successive test tubes over a period of three hours. I had ingested some powder in 8 ounces of water and the interaction of my small intestines and that material will be recorded through the testing of the breath. After doing this, labeling the tubes, etc., I boxed them up and sent them to the laboratory. To get ready on the day before, I could eat fruit, white rice, chicken or turkey – basically non-fibrous things, and in the morning while I did the breathing, I was not to exercise or eat or drink anything else. This is called a “Bacterial Overgrowth Test” and was taken to try to determine why my digestive system is not behaving more normally. Charles had to take Alphie for his morning walk and the dear dog brain was immediately challenged by the change in routine. When they got back, Alphie felt it necessary to bring me well-chewed toilet paper, inner roller still in place, several socks and a shoe. As I rescued these items from further destruction with loud “No’s!”, he seemed pleased with the reaction – I think he was assuring himself that I was still properly alive and life could go on.

egyptJP.jpgThis week John-paul commences his travels again. They will ultimately take him to Cairo, Egypt where the temperature hits 100 degrees on many days at this time of the year. He will get to see the great pyramids while there, and of course, will get to experience the culture of that place on the African continent. As he prepares, getting properly inoculated, choosing clothing that will work, and gathering equipment and papers, the adventure calls out to me also – of course, it would require a different body than the one that I presently occupy, but that doesn’t lessen the vicarious enjoyment of contemplating the possibilities.

SpringBlossoms3.jpgMay is always a special month for all generations with school concerts, proms, graduations, Mother’s Day, and weddings. it seems to be the time where winter is finally set aside and new spring and summer beckon. Every bush and tree that blooms in this season is happily covered with blossoms because late frosts, high winds or hail were absent this year and the pear, plum, crab apple, forsythia, lilac and redbud are leading the celebrations with grand color and scents. It is good to be alive and able to observe the awakening once more – give praise and thanks to God!


Comment by irene Beethe

May 9, 2008 @ 8:44 pm

Dear Connie,

Alphie sure must think the world of you…to present you with such gifts! He was just doing what we can’t from such a distance…see if you are still ‘ok!’

Spring is coming to west-Michigan. The fruit trees are budding and to see the magnificent colors of the orchards are wonderful. The fruit farmers probably won’t breathe a sigh of relief until the last frost date passes (which is about the end of May!)

Tonight we heard the final symphony concert of the season – Grieg Piano Concerto in A minor, played by Andre Watts. What a fascinating performer to hear and watch! His face is so expressive right along with the music he played! A great way to end this week!

Blessings to you and Charles from GR.

Love, Irene and Ivan

Comment by Heidi

May 10, 2008 @ 7:42 pm


It was so great to be out to the wonderful yellow house today! The rain made everything seem greener by far – Happy Mother’s day to you! This is graduation weekend and I am remembering 22 years ago when Jon and I got our bachelor’s degree and Dad got his Doctorate – then Jon and I got married the next day – The weather was perfect – not dark and rainy like today. See you tomorrow!

Love H

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