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May 27, 2008

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dogShadows.jpgLast week, heavy rains came, and in a very short time, Sanctuary became primordial with grasses grown waist high overnight and trees heavy with moisture hanging their branches low over the paths creating long dark passages though the forest. Creatures seem delighted at all the new secret places and Alphie disappears in the tall grasses as he checks out their latest activities. I am struck by the number of faces the acreage has as light and water bring about astonishing changes in colors and shapes.

bubbleyuck.jpgIn my weekly foray into medical matters, I stopped by the pharmacy to inquire if there were any effective over-the-counter products for mouth sores. The young man very helpfully told me that all I had to do was mix equal parts Maalox and hydramine, which is an antihistamine, and gargle. He said it had the same ingredients as a prescription mouthwash and would work just as well. All of this sounded quite fine, and I dutifully got the products and mixed them up, though the sight of “cherry flavored” on the hydramine and “mint” on the Maalox bottle did give me pause. Mixed, the color of the stuff was a very hot pink indeed. I took a mouthful and tossed my head back and commenced to gargle. Oh my. The tongue registered a flavor which the brain identified as possibly “fermented bubble gum”. It is always discouraging to find out first hand the drawbacks of certain approaches to things. I shall endeavor to carry on at least a day before calling the doctor and requesting a prescription with the assumption that whatever it might be, it won’t be as full of flavor as the above.

OldEyesNewEyes.jpgThis month draws to a close with Charles playing for weddings every weekend and John-paul returning from Egypt in just a few days. The grand daughters are finishing up the school year. . . older, wiser, and ready for summer’s new menu of activities. Life goes on, with happenings taking place “just like last year” but with enough variations to keep it interesting. We look upon it all with old eyes and new insights and we are ever thankful for the good things that accompany us on our journey.


Comment by heidi ore

May 28, 2008 @ 7:24 pm


That would have been a taste to behold – surely something so awful would work wonders – I hope that is true for you! I will also let you know that maalox comes in a mint flavor and according to website it is now kosher as well – just in case you are adding that bend to the mix

I think the warmth will be back tomorrow – with all the rain, I can hear the tomatoes growing – The girls are preparing for the last day of school on Friday and the parties are happening – the one on Saturday will be at my house with as much pizza as 5 girls can eat (triple batch)

As you know, I am happy to hear and bask in your insights and wisdom so don’t hold back!

Love H

Comment by BEV

May 29, 2008 @ 8:19 pm

I have been following your site since my husband was diagnosed the end of January. I used to work as a dental assistant and when my husband developed mouth sores he used what we used in the dental office. Glyoxide rinse is an inexpensive over the counter mouth rinse. Use it two to three times a day. It foams up kind of like hydrogen peroxide. It works great. The doctor was amazed that it worked so well. I buy it at Wal Mart or Walgreens, but any drug store would have it. Hope this helps.

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